LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Still running amok

I’D like to thank your correspondent Tony Rodda for proving my point about how the left manipulate facts.

I only have 600 words so I will try to be brief. The facts re Ukraine are that Yanukovich was forced out of office by thugs enlisted by the WEF (of which Soros is a member) because he was pro-Russian and anti-EUSSR, hence he’d rather do business with Putin than the dictators in Brussels. Zelenskyy is making millions out of the war; fact.

Zelenskyy bombed Dombas region constantly after the referendum nine years ago in which the peoples of Dombas and Donetsk voted to rejoin Russia. It seems that this act of genocide sits well with our Tony. Is he aware that Ukraine was once Russian territory? The 2014 statement exists. I also watched a video some time ago in which Soros stated that handing over his own people meant nothing to him and sure enough Tone resorts to “Anti-Semitic” nonsense. Is he aware that the same Jewish bankers that funded the allies in WW11 also funded Hitler? Thought not. I’m not anti Jewish, just anti-evil!

I didn’t state that CO2 made up 0.4 per cent of the atmosphere but 0.04; ooh I missed off the 07 at the end which makes me an awful person, of course! Fact; CO2 heats nothing but feeds everything! Fact, we need more coal, oil and gas. Owners of wind farms have been paid £82m so far this winter to turn off the wind turbines! Fact, world temperatures are now lower than the middle ages. Fact, Arctic ice is now at its thickest for over 30 years. Fact, Polar bear numbers are now higher than ever. Fact, the Maldives that were supposed to have been under water 20 years ago are now 37sq kms bigger!

This week the heroes of Charlie Foulstone and our Tony met in Davos. They discussed how to impose yet more control on us while eating prime beef, pork, chicken and fish with “bottomless” cocktails (on the menu!)

Locally, “Disgusted” and Caven Vines are spot on, there has not and doubtfully ever will be real justice for the victims of the Muslim paedophile gangs. Labour refuse to condemn them, of course. I’d like to remind people that the head of the CPS who stopped the prosecutions locally and of the likes of Jimmy Savile was no other than Sir Keir Starmer.

Until the council employees, the police and Labour party members involved in the cover-up are arrested and charged and the guilty imprisoned to set an example, the paedophile gangs will continue to run amok in Britain. After he was sacked for getting caught, Denis MacShane said in an interview that they covered up the scandal to not upset the Muslim vote.

It’s been revealed that 70 MPs (including our Rishi) and 114 members of the House of Lords have investments in “health care”; surely that’s not why the PM won’t stop pushing the poisons masquerading vaccines!

Clive Phillips, Address withheld but this week’s clue, west of Berlin