LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Some good news for 2023?!

I SAID that this period would be a good time for the crooks, er, politicians, to bury bad news and they didn’t let us down.

Sunak signed a ten-year contract with Soros’s Moderna to make yet more mRNA (Sunak set up a company in 2013 to make and sell mRNA so he’s been selling us his own product!). In the USA the Demonazis held a meeting at 1.30am on New Year’s Eve to “discuss” a 2,400+ page document setting out the $153 trillion (yes ,trillion) spending budget including a $79 billion slush fund for the IRS and of course yet more money for Zalenskyy, and the bill was passed at 2.30am thus stopping any dissent by the Republicans. Isn’t it amazing that over 2,400 pages can be discussed in an hour? I think we can now say that Communism is well established in USA.

In 1938, Time magazine had Adolf Hitler on the front page as “Man of the Year” and it seems its love of the Nazis continues as they name Zalenskyy as “Person of the Year”!

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Some good news, in the week before Christmas 1,100 eminent scientists including a Nobel prize winner signed a document confirming that there is not now and never has been a climate crisis, in fact in the past 40 years it’s all been good news. For instance, Polar bear numbers have been stable, sea levels are steady, Polar ice is now as thick as ever, crop yields have increased, in fact there’s a huge list all of which the globalists and their lackeys such as The Green Party are trying to reverse by pushing policies designed to kill the planet and create mass famine.

The world is not over populated and won’t be even at current rates this century, if then!

In Oxford, there are huge moves to stop the ridiculous climate lockdowns which if followed will be rolled out across Britain as yet more control.

Locally, there are some well deserved rewards in the New Year’s Honours but then we see that the head of the “border farce” has received a Knighthood for being a complete failure.

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I promise I’ll try and find some good local news for next week; maybe Rotherham being only the 245th worst place to live in Britain — it would be a start. No, no-one hold their breath!

Bring on 2023!

Clive Phillips, Address still withheld but North of Watford

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