LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Smashed the seasonal spirit

MY elderly friend, who lives in Wickersley, had four ceramic ducks in the front garden of her house.

She dressed them in delightful little outfits — lovingly made by herself — which were pertinent to the time of year, such as Christmas, Easter, Wimbledon, Hallowe’en etc.

They were an endless source of pleasure and delight to everyone who visited her or were just passing by, particularly small children, who would lean on the wall and animatedly discuss them with whoever was accompanying them.

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Just a day or two after Christmas some moronic, thoughtless individual(s) stole one of the ducks and it was found further along the road smashed to pieces and its little outfit thrown into the mud!

I really cannot understand what “pleasure“ anyone could get from stealing, then destroying, something that is a constant source of joy to so many of us, particularly in these dark times, and also, of course it has made an old lady very sad and angry. I really do despair!

Mrs Margaret Hewitt, Blackhill Road, Rotherham