LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Shame of Labour Party selection

THE outcome of the Rother Valley selection is shameful and contemptible. It brings the area into further disrepute.

I understand that in the Rother Valley Labour Party selection to represent the area at the next general election Cllr Dominic Beck, who according to my sources is a private landlord, secured the vote to be the Labour candidate. It is perverse.

Beck and fellow councillors were in power during the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal and subsequent cover-up for years, where the children of our town were abandoned by the council.

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Over 1,600 children were raped, molested and abused for years.

From at least 2001 (Cllr Beck was elected in 2011 — editor), multiple reports passed names of alleged perpetrators, several from one family, to the police and Rotherham Council.

In the reports by Jay and Casey it was said local councillors had first been informed over ten years before the lid was blown off and was exposed.

The councillors and officials had put their own grubby careers before showing any real empathy or concern for the young people being exploited.

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They failed the victims, families and communities by their neglect, lack of safeguarding or duty of care.

Beck and the rest of the council cabinet was forced to resign or be sacked.

It was condemned as a totally dysfunctional and not fit for purpose council on Beck’s watch.

The culture of the council was also mired in bullying and sexism.

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It was front page news and broadcast all over the world to further sully the reputation of our town.

Ironically, most of these pariahs have since returned to the council and cabinet.

How was Beck ever allowed to go forward to the shortlist?

The Labour Party were all too aware of the sordid child sexual exploitation abuse cover-ups.

I note that the selection meeting was ironically held on the evening of Sunday December 4 when England was playing in the World Cup.

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I would guess the turnout was poor and helped him win by just an handful of votes?

The selection of Beck is a further betrayal of over 1,600 victims and the ongoing scars.

It is an insult to the electorate and puts the Labour Party ever deeper into the sewers.

It is not in our name.

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