LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Send your energy bills to Rishi

ANOTHER very varied Advertiser (March 17) but is Boris taking the “Mick” with the wrap around about levelling up when he and the rest of the freeloaders have just given themselves yet another thoroughly undeserved pay rise and are paying themselves £3,500 of our money for their energy bills?

Then on the letters page the MP with one of the highest expenses claims in the HoC writes about the Ukraine war. “Expenses” has been rebranded as “business costs” by the way, so it doesn’t actually look like the perk that it is!

When your readers’ energy bills rise next month I urge them to do what millions of us will do and send the bill to Rishi Sunak.

The sad story of the young mother that died after having the poison masquerading as a vaccine was not “an unlucky reaction”, it was one of thousands of deaths caused by these vaccines that protect against nothing and while people like Mrs Hubbard watch TV news and read daily newspapers they’ll continue to believe the lies put out. There’s an identical front page story in the Barnsley Chronicle and add to this the life threatening effects recorded across the globe, including thousands of deaths from heart attacks in previously fit young people including sportsmen ,and I have to wonder from which planet the general public has landed. Now, Pfizer is advising yet another booster which will swell more globalist coffers. The bill for claims at £120,000 a time via the government’s compensation scheme for damage caused currently stands at over £120m and is growing.

Meanwhile the MSM continues to pour out lies and misinformation about the Ukraine war including that Vladimir Putin is running out of bullets!

Russia makes its own arms and the last thing they’ll run out of is weaponry.

The truth about the scamdemic has been buried so that the MSM can concentrate on lying about Ukraine and its fascist government; yes, Mr Fletcher, fascist. I usually agree with your comments but you need to do more research on this one. There are many Jews in the forces being used to commit genocide in the Donbas region, just as in WW2 many Jews gave up their own to the Nazis.

It seems that once again crime does pay.

Yes, “Name and Address Supplied”, RMBC doesn’t give two hoots about local areas and the ruination of them. It’s typical for councillors to push through a development and to then object for a bit of camouflage and as to where are the councillors to come from that actually want to serve the district and not themselves? Methinks Cloud Cuckoo Land as nowadays that animal does not exist and will not while the trough does!

Clive Phillips, Address Withheld

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