LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Scams and bloated salaries

WHOEVER indoctrinates Comrade Foulstone is doing a great job because he not only buys the climate crisis scam but he’s fallen for the scamdemic.

So Comrade, maybe you could answer some questions. Thirty years ago we were told that within ten years the Seychelles and Maldives would be under water but in ten years but nothing has changed. Is it those Green taxes? At the same time we were told that in ten years Britain would have Spain’s climate and Spain would be like the Sahara and those of us capable of joined up thinking, thought, excellent, but nothing has changed. Ah, it must be all those “Green” taxes again!

The ice caps have melted and refrozen at least three times since the last ice age (11,500 years ago), so was it ‘planes, cars or bovine flatulence that caused them to melt? Was it those Green taxes yet again that caused them to refreeze?

We’re now exporting millions of pounds worth of energy to France; Boris is obviously looking after his fellow globalist-owned lackey. Poland and Germany who are already building new coal-fired power stations are looking at reopening more mines. Why not, it creates jobs and their governments know there’s no climate crisis and we need more CO2 to feed the crops that the green policies are killing off.

This week the biggest gathering of international criminals in history known as the World Economic Forum took place in Davos. Fifteen hundred private jets flew in to discuss how to control our carbon footprint! They obviously know it’s all one huge scam. They went on to discuss the food shortages that they’ve engineered as they dined on roast pork and caviar.

I bet Comrade Foulstone and his pals will be first in the queue after they’ve finished queuing for the vaccines. Comrade, in the unlikely event of my catching Convid, I’d do nothing but ride it out; it’s only like a very heavy cold now anyway and seeing as I’m neither morbidly obese nor with any morbidity problems I’m not at risk.

If it became serious I’d up my intake of Vitamin D and zinc and take hydroxychloroquine.

The Comrade’s LGBT pals get worse. It’s now LGBTQQIP2SAAZ (I’ve added the Z in case one of them decides to “Identify” as a Zebra).

On the local front. the Greasbrough debacle continues. My eldest grandson is ten- years-old and I do wonder if he’ll see Coach Road opened before he goes to university. I did write to RMBC to ask why they didn’t employ a Japanese firm who’d have completed this job within a week but, for some reason, no reply.

Yes, we have a new Mayor, as one of your correspondents correctly stated, another non-job. Apparently on his first day he had a meeting with his staff to decide how many extra staff they’d need.

Then the next day they had a meeting to see if they needed to have a meeting etc. Then they all took time off because they were exhausted from holding so many meetings.

Never mind, all these bloated salaries will be covered by yet another rise in council tax next year. It seems that only 56 per cent of people across the country pay income and council tax; now that looks to me like a very bad business plan.

Shifty Sunak has handed out cash to us all but don’t be fooled.He’ll already have plans to take it back — with interest!

Clive Phillips,

Address Withheld

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