LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Saving the planet — in mummy’s 4x4

I’D like if I may to thank Comrade Foulstone for both his irony and humour.

This week I watched leaked footage of a helicopter fitted with a flame thrower that was causing forest fires to be blamed on global warming.

Meanwhile the Comrade’s pals Extinction Rebellion have been breaking large windows at Rupert Murdoch’s offices (no doubt transported there in mummy’s 4x4) with strangely enough a film crew present but no police; ah no, they’ll be comforting his other pals glued to something or other or finding ways to not chase burglars and paedophiles.

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If these unemployable and indoctrinated eco clowns are serious why don’t they stand for election? Ah that’s not as much fun and they wouldn’t win so anarchy is all they can offer. I watched a funny video of a wind up 4x4 trying to drag a hatchback out of a ditch... they had to send for a Range Rover; hey maybe mummy’s!

Let’s get it straight. The Green Party is not a bunch of bobble hatted, well meaning do-gooders but yet one more loathsome political party intent on power at any cost.

Speaking of loathsome, I was sent a video of Klaus Schwab praising China for its totalitarian tactics and how we must adopt their policies!

What was the point of WW11 when the son of a Nazi concentration camp owner gives orders to the world’s governments? His father used the inmates as slave labour for his factories. Schwab’s other globalist pals the WHO have now called for an end to vitamin pills. Well, we can’t have people taking anything that may counteract the poisons can we?

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Make no mistake, whoever becomes PM will take their orders from Schwab. Boris was ousted because he wasn’t following orders but it could have been worse, look what happened to the former Japanese PM.

An ex-Pfizer scientist posted a video explaining that he resigned when he saw what was in the poisons and many other ex-big pharma employees have become whistle-blowers. It’s estimated that the Convid vaccines will have killed over 100,000,000 by 2028 if the sheeple either keep queuing for them or are physically restrained and forced to have them. Oh the latest cause of people dropping dead is their sleeping position! Next week it will be walking, then it will be using cash (all those germs, eh) and eventually breathing!

We now have monkey pox jabs. Be aware, this isn’t monkey pox, it’s a shingles-like side effect of the Covid jabs (as confirmed in Pfizer documents). Early this year jabs against shingles were being promoted and now again; no I won’t be queuing! I will also forego this winter’s flu jab because it will also contain the poisons.

Last week RMBC office workers decided that all meetings should be conducted from home by video link even though their officers are air conditioned!

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Ah well, that would leave them free to go to Meadowhell, which of course  is also air conditioned.

The money wasted by RMBC on the two projects in Masbrough and Greasbrough (still ongoing) would have payed for speed retarders outside every school in Rotherham but then the contractors wouldn’t have made anywhere near as much.

As to the front page story, most burglaries are committed by those with drug problems.

A pal who used to run a security firm told me that the average age of a burglar is 15, so lots of 11 year old burglars are out there and by 18 are considered a professional.

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Apparently if anyone reports a burglary no police call round to investigate, they just issue a crime number for the insurance.

However, police are monitoring the roads and any property caught exceeding the speed limit will be arrested and returned to its owners which makes us sleep safely at night; oh no, in which position though in case we drop dead?

Clive Phillips,

Address Still Withheld