LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Price rises world-wide

I AM getting just a little weary of the cost of living crisis.It’s the same around the world except for utilities where they are home grown.

It’s been going this way for over a year. What exactly do you think the government can do? What do you think Labour would do?

No government has control anywhere. Labour will put a windfall tax on the big utility companies.Anybody with any brain will know what these companies will do. Labour will give money away to the poorest(?) that we have not got. Where will they get it? The actual working class who will then come in to the poorest category if Labour take enough from them!

Bacon has gone up, who will be able to stop that? Eggs have gone up. What will Labour do, put the farmers in penury to keep prices down? It’s a world thing. Not just UK.

Also, so Turkey does not want Sweden and Finland in Nato.

Reasons? The Kurds — there are terrorists! I have no doubt one or two are but the majority were running from Turkish troops who wished to decimate them.

Turkey is in bed with Russia. A better idea would be to get rid of Turkey from Nato. After all, the security info that Turkey gets in Nato goes to Russia under the counter.

The USA only wants Turkey because it has a large base there, but Turkey is not a friend to the west. It only wants its tourists.

It is now going against Sweden and Finland in the same way Russia calls Ukrainians Nazis.

Bad move to surrender over 200 soldiers to the Russians. They will now be used as pawns for one Russian war criminal.

It’s about time the Craven EU and the UK told Russia enough is enough and we will come for you if you do not retreat back.

Then see what Turkey does. Not a lot, I think.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley

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