LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Police must be told

WITH reference to the article (December 1) headlined “Safeguarding issues at inadequate school”, I find it appalling that someone connected with this problem is telling lies.

Is it the CEO, Ms Clarke or the anonymous informant, a member or ex-member of staff?

Allegations made include serious and grievous ones re threats with a knife made by a pupil towards the member of staff and several other ones of intimidation of both staff and fellow pupils, presumably over the months leading up to the OFSTED inspection.

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These incidents either occurred or they didn’t. I trust the education authorities will investigate.

These appear not to have been reported to the police according to the report, but surely this can’t be true with threats with a knife involved? For goodness sake, the school head and staff member at the time, out of duty and duty of care to others, should have informed the authorities of such a serious incident or incidents.

According to the unknown member of staff, since May when the new CEO took over, the school went downhill, but maybe it was already on its downward spiral and the new incumbent was simply trying to put things in order? Existing staff members may have been in place for several years and had allowed the pupils more leeway, letting them get away with the horrendous behaviour leading to what appears to be anarchy!

In my experience employees working in establishments similar to Milton School have had their authority taken away from them thereby leading to the pupils running the school. Children can be violent but the question must be asked, why are they allowed to get away with this truly awful behaviour?

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Once again, in the majority of cases, parenting is to be questioned; a lack of discipline at home must be a root cause, although some youngsters do have other issues and parents cannot cope with them, hence a placement in a special school.

I am not aware of this particular school at all but I am aware that people in a position of authority suddenly take a leave of absence through illness when an inspection like OFSTED is to take place; this also occurs in other services.

Police, NHS, social services etc are also guilty of such actions and suddenly early retirement is granted and the employee walks away with the enhanced sick pension.

A new brush sweeping clean quickly may resolve this school’s issue allowing different staff to take control back from the pupils and for the safety for all concerned.

Terry Canadine

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