LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Police force must be disbanded

THE BBC recently reported that a female police officer who was serving with South Yorkshire Police (SYP) was raped by a senior male colleague in 2008.

The statement from SYP defends their handling of the case in regards to a “senior police officer” which gives great clarity that it is a senior figure within SYP that we are talking about.

Some of us were up to our necks in child sexual exploitation (CSE) concerns in 2008.

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Some of us were reporting none familial child sexual abuse (CSA) in 2008.  

These concerns were bundled away in to a dark corner as if they were an embarrassment and now we know why.

Due to this disclosure I am now making efforts, via a third party, to ensure that information that was not acted on has now been looked at.

Senior police officers in SYP must have known about this horrendous crime by the senior police officer in their ranks and yet it only emerges now because one brave former police officer has spoken out.

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How can CSE or CSA be taken seriously when senior police officers are engaging in serious sexual offences against their colleagues? It’s totally impossible. It is now totally and absolutely clear their mind was on protecting their senior police colleague and not dealing with concerns raised by the community.

Let us be in zero, zero doubt... the cover up which has now been blown wide open exposes, once again, a police service in South Yorkshire that has a totally dysfunctional and corrupt attitude towards victims, towards gathering evidence and towards prosecuting those who harm others.

The public of South Yorkshire may wish to know that there is a rolling 24 hour log of all notable incidents that occur in our county such as those involving police officers/staff. It is for the attention of the leadership team at SYP and thus is called “the Chief Constable’s log”.

I was privy to a great number of these logs and the number of police officers/staff from the organisation who were reported on this forum for engaging in domestic violence offences was deeply concerning.

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In an effort to try and gaslight the public, the Police & Crime Commissioner, the Rev Canon Alan Billings has said that because people have voted via a consultation exercise to increase the policing precept on council tax payers it shows confidence in SYP. I voted for an increase in the precept because I want to dilute the current toilet swamp with fresh eyes, ears and minds as that’s the only remedy for such hysterical, damaging and accepted corruption we’re currently being force fed as those who seek protection by SYP.

I was talking to a youth worker as part of my job role. She told me about a very disturbing incident in which a police vehicle tried to get her and her friend inside whilst she was in a town centre. The officers wanted sex.

This isn’t a “Rotherham problem” or a “Doncaster problem”, it's not nailed down to any specific common theme other then the stink occurs once you get near to South Yorkshire Police and as a result there is only one cure... it’s time they were disbanded.

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