LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Plenty of uses for the libraries

I’M writing in response to Andrew Redding, Sheffield, regarding our libraries and how people use the internet if they want to find things out.

Firstly, not everyone knows how to use a computer to search for information.

For example, there are many older people who weren’t brought up with them like children are nowadays and don’t know how to even find the internet.

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Also libraries can be used in many different ways like loaning free books to read or borrowing audio books, even magazines.

It’s also a warm place to go in winter to save on heating, catching up with friends in the cafe.

Then there are the archives where special items are kept to protect them and still allow people to view them. For those that cannot afford computers there are public ones available to use.

I find the quiet of a library peaceful as well. So to get rid of our libraries in my opinion is wrong.

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We need to keep them open and to actually encourage more people to use them, which I believe moving it back to the main area in town will make it more accessible for people to use.

The kids have the parks to play in.

Miss Lydia Wilson, Thrybergh

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