LETTER TO THE EDITOR: People put businesses off our town

THE front page of last week’s Rotherham Advertiser showed why businesses don’t put their trust in this town.

The Imperial Buildings is something any town or city could be proud of and it’s great that shops, cafes and bars are opening up there.

Sadly, there is always some idiot who wants to make them fail.

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Last year stock worth thousands of pounds was stolen from one of the shops, there regularly seems to be a smashed window and now someone has attempted to set fire to furniture.

It’s just a good job someone was there to stop the fire spreading.

Who knows what would have happened if they weren’t? The whole place could have gone up in smoke and we would have lost one of our finest assets.

Luckily we didn’t and hopefully the businesses that have opened there won’t be put off.

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I would also like to hope we could attract similar businesses to open up in the Old Town Hall — another area that wouldn’t look out of place in any city. In fact, it is comparable to the Victorian arcades in Leeds.

I really don’t know what the answer is.

The people, a small minority of them at least, are one of the main problems and it’s difficult to change them!

D Brown, Rotherham