LETTER TO THE EDITOR: People need to wake up to the facts

THE front page story reminds me of the old western films I watched as a boy. The only thing missing was a quick draw gunfight but had the club (saloon) been given time who knows what may have happened!

I agree with C Peters, the Advertiser letters page should be about local issues but when I see people such as Charlie Foulstone and now Climate Alliance pushing the Globalist agenda I feel I must respond.

It would seem that Chaz Foulstone is now becoming desperate because each week my letters contain facts but he has now resorted to libelling me with the accusation of being a liar which is ironic in that he and his globalist pals are pushing the biggest two biggest lies and scams in history, namely climate change and the plandemic.

Yes, Chuck, sow doubts, which is what your party and the other WEF puppets have been doing for over 30 years.

He dodges my questions. Well here are a couple more. Has he never read any of the 140 books published by Dr Judith Curry? She completely exposes the total lies behind the non existent climate change hoax. She never gets a mention in the MSM but Greta (Sharon) Thunberg, who isn’t a scientist, reads from a script and gets 24/7 coverage. Mind you, she’s related to the Rothschild family and Gates pays fortunes to newspapers and TV stations to sell his lies.

Here's a few nasty facts; CO2 cannot heat the air! CO2 is the basis of all life. If CO2 is so bad why do food producers buy machines to make more to feed their produce?

Has he seen the fact that the Maldives that were supposed to have been under water 20 years ago have grown by 37 sq kms (14.28 sq miles)? He waffles on about “fossil fuels”, another phrase thought up by the Rothschilds to suggest that certain commodities were in short supply, but what are these fossil fuels? Not oil or coal, they come from vegetation so what are they? Does he know or does he just spout what the WEF tells he and his comrades to?

Great news for the aforementioned WEF puppet but awful news for us when last week saw the COP27 (CON27) meeting. It was a “who’s got the biggest private jet” contest.

They met to decide we should all eat bugs while they dined on prime beef. In fact, it was a meat eaters’ dream menu. Sunak has decided that he should give £11bn of our money in “climate reparation” to poor countries that have nuclear weapons and a space programme.

Some good news, Hungary has blocked any more cash for Ukraine, the most corrupt country on earth.

Charlie’s pals Just Stop Oil caused a crash on the M25 this week in which a policeman was hurt and a young man couldn’t get to his dad’s funeral, and hundreds were unable to get to hospital appointments — nice one eh Chas? One of the clowns posted a video of her crying about how she had no future with oil and the day before had posted a video of her in her car!

The sheeple have to wake up because it’s us verses the World Economic Forum (WEF) and if we lose then 1984 will look like paradise.

I’m typing this on Remembrance Sunday and the noise of spinning in the war graveyards must be deafening.

I’ve asked before but what was the point of WW11 because we still ended up being governed by Nazis?

Clive Phillips, Address Withheld

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