LETTER TO THE EDITOR: People behind the misinformation

ONCE again, another letter penned by Mr Clive Phillips has been printed in your award-winning paper (“Some good news for 2023!?” — The Advertiser, January 12) which contains so much misinformation and conspiracy theories dug up from the depths of the deepest rabbit holes that it’s impossible for a sane reader to stop rolling their eyes.

“Sunak signed a ten-year contract with Soros’ Moderna to make yet more mRNA…”

Hungarian-born American businessman and philanthropist George Soros does not own and has never had any financial association with Cambridge/Massachusetts-based biotech firm Moderna Inc. Conspiracy theorists have falsely tried to link Moderna (established in 2010) with I G Farbenindustrie AG, the former German chemical and pharmaceutical conglomerate seized by the Allies after World War Two, and falsely claiming that Soros was involved with IG Farben.

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“In the USA, the Demonazis held a meeting at 1:30am to ‘discuss’ a 2,400+ page document setting out the $153 trillion spending budget including a $79 billion slush fund for the IRS and of course yet more money for Zelenskyy, and the bill was passed at 2:30am thus stopping any dissent by the Republicans.”

Mr Phillips’ facts and figures are wrong. The amount of the spending omnibus bill was actually higher ($1.7 trillion), and the number of pages greater (4,155), which may impress Mr Phillips even more, but there were a significant number of Republicans who voted for the bill, especially the aid to Ukraine and an increase in defence spending for the US (a very popular largesse for the GOP). There were a series of meetings to discuss the bill in Congress, which actually started well before Christmas Eve, not New Year’s Eve. The bill was voted before Christmas Eve, but still had to be signed by the President before the end of 2022 to avoid a government shutdown.

“In 1938, Time magazine had Adolf Hitler on the front [cover] as ‘Man of the Year’ and it seems its love of the Nazis continues as they name Zelenskyy as ‘Person of the Year’!”

Jewish-born Volodymyr Zelenskyy is not a Nazi and nor has Ukraine had a major neo-Nazi problem in its country. Yes, there have been underground neo-Nazi movements in Ukraine as there have been in other countries, but they have been targeted by the Ukraine police and intelligence forces. Vladimir Putin cited the small neo-Nazi movement in Ukraine as a false pretence to invade the country. Furthermore, Time magazine did not and has not expressed any love for the Nazis. Hitler being selected as Time’s Man of the Year of 1938 was dated before the outbreak of World War Two. And, as a matter of fact, Hitler was subsequently nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by an anti-fascist Swedish legislator before the build up to the war. Additionally, Time actually had Hitler on their cover several times since, but as a rebuke to what they will eventually call him: a dictator and a tyrant. It is important to note that Time’s criteria for Man of the Year (now Person of the Year) is “the person or persons who most affected the n

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ews and our lives, for good or ill, and embodied what was important about the year.”

“Some good news, in the week before Christmas, 1,100 eminent scientists including a Nobel Prize winner signed a document confirming that there is not now and never has been a climate crisis.”

The two authors behind this bogus document, which first came to light on July 27, 2022, were retired geophysicist Guus Berkhout, who worked for the multinational oil group Shell, and fellow Dutchman and journalist Marcel Crok. There have been allegations that they took payments from fossil fuel companies to fund climate-sceptic documents including this one. And fewer than one per cent of the names on that list are actual climatologists. Some were engineers working for fossil fuel companies, while other listed names were lobbyists, airline pilots, fishermen, and even a sommelier. Five of the names on the list were people who died at the time the document was being created and one further name was of a person who died long before the document was created.

Tony Rodda, Rotherham

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