LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Parking at Parkgate is causing huge problems

I AM writing to express my concern over the parking at the Parkgate Retail World shopping complex. They advertise free parking on their website but it is not exactly correct as there is a time limit on the parking, after which you will be charged £60.

My wife has just been caught out by this, she is registered disabled with a blue badge and has to mainly use a mobility scooter to get around the site and as a consequence takes longer than others.

She had met her sister for coffee, lunch and to do some shopping, but as they were about to leave the site she was loading her mobility scooter into the car when she cut her hand rather seriously and had to return to the ASDA store to buy some plasters and to try and stop the bleeding. This caused her to be 13 minutes late leaving the site and receiving a charge notification. This must make it one of the most expensive car parks in the country at £4.60 a minute.

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This in my opinion is a very underhand way of charging people and may well deter people from visiting the site, especially as they are adding more restaurants and eateries in place of shops where clients will spend longer over lunch and then may spend extra time doing shopping. It will drive more and more people to go to Meadowhall, where the parking is totally free.

This letter is to advise other people to be aware of the limited time allowed and the consequences of over staying the time.

Terry Yates