LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Out of touch PM will never feel the pain

IT’S such a dramatic fall from grace that the world-renowned NHS is in such turmoil.

Yet our wonderful PM who, when he does put in an ultra-rare appearance, states: “I get it, I hear you.” It’s good to know that Sunak feels the pain of waiting 30 hours on the kitchen floor with a broken hip for an ambulance, then waiting 12 hours inside the ambulance or in a draughty corridor as one 82-year-old woman did this week.

Rishi understands that A&E tells us to see our GP, only to waste one hour calling the surgery then being offered a phone call within a four-hour window on a specific day in six to seven weeks. Then on the day of requirement, your GP calls, only to be palmed-off and told to contact your pharmacist next time, a pharmacist who cannot issue a prescription for your treatment, so then it’s back on the phone to the doctors etc etc. and the whole sorry saga starts again.

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The PM will never have used the NHS and rightly so; having an allegedly £890m bank account he will go private, no pain, no waiting, a warm ward and bed, but he sees our pain, he gets it.

Good old Rishi sees that despite our patience in handling all the hassle, grief and humiliation in trying to access treatment, we still have to tolerate such service over and over again.

Most are not so far detached from reality as posh boy Sunak. We continually see the back of the queue.

In his pre-election speech he mentioned his humble upbringing, so humble it afforded him private education and two degrees. Therefore just like his mentor Johnson, the habitual liar and clown, in his previous position as chancellor he failed and will fail should he dare prove himself or his party’s worth in a forthcoming general election.

Then he can feel what it’s really like to put yourself to the sword just as patients do trying to actually see a person for a face to face diagnosis.

HB, Rotherham

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