LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Our incomes are in decline

THE Conservatives are caught in the storm of both Covid and a megalomaniac called Putin.

They should not have abandoned the triple lock. It was not just Covid that caused this. Food and similar has gone up between five per cent and 20pc at least in the past year.

I was reminded of this on Saturday morning when my new rent from April arrived. Up ten per cent or around £450 per annum. My pension has only gone up 3.1pc. Around £324. The £150 council tax rebate will cover the rise in the tax, But not a lot left over.

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My Royal Mail private pension may not go up hardly at all, like last year. This is so the RM board can pay off the millions of pounds to postmasters they had wrongly convicted, and knew it.

It is noticeable that not one person on the RM and Post Office Ltd boards has been arrested, let alone prosecuted for this. In all these things it is the Conservatives who have let us down.

They are quick to prosecute the plebs and oiks but not directors and lords. They need more honesty here.

As per others rises in wages are in fact in real terms, making our incomes down still against previous years.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley