LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Only Non-League Football Through World Cup

FROM 1966 until now I have watched every World Cup and I have been a Rotherham United fan for over 55 years, home and away and watched with my fellow guardsmen even while serving.

But not this World Cup due to start and I cannot watch matches involving Rotherham in the international break, not one match, not even a second of watching matches on television will I do.

I hope to see non-league matches and I intend to do other things until it ends.

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From the very day Qatar was awarded football’s world event I thought it was very wrong and a farce.

As for human rights, others have for more knowledge than myself, but I do know that seems an afterthought.

Two people who were in FIFA now admit it was a mistake. Really! Well that’s like trying to raise the wreck of the Titanic.

I will  exclude the UK at this point as to me it has the best league system in the world and some marvellous grounds with near perfect pitches that last season after season.

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There are, of course, other counties. Yet a country with no recognised league, and at that time no stadium, won. Other countries and their fans must be and are fuming like me.

I have talked to many of my fellow football fans on my/our travels over the last few years and most agree and shake their heads in disbelief.

Of course, those who love the beautiful game from Halifax to Manchester City and Barcelona to Porto are nothing when bidding(?) starts.

I said to one friend “where next, Russia?” No offence to ordinary Russians — North Korea, Iran etc. One could not make it up.

I am heading, fingers crossed, to Biggleswade FC. I like what their manager said and fully agree. Roll on 2026.

Russ Williams, Rotherham