LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Once they’re on the gravy train...

AS stated previously, Charlie Foulstone doesn’t need to thank me for the 23 word letter.

Over the past couple of years his party has told us that toilet paper, our pets, bovine flatulence and CO2 (which can't heat anything but feeds everything) are causing climate change, you know, that non existent change that 1,100 eminent scientists including a Nobel Prize winner have just confirmed never has and does not exist. Add to that the work by Sandford Carlson and Dr Judith Curry and all the rhetoric from his party is blown right out of the window. His WEF-controlled party won’t come clean because no one gets off the gravy train once on it.

The big news for me this week is the suspension of Tory MP Andrew Bridgen for telling the truth in Parliament.

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Seventeen thousand doctors have signed a document demanding the end of these vaccines but the PM owns a company that sells these jabs to us so is making too much money to actually do his job. A Tory councillor that supported Andrew Bridgen was also suspended.

The stench of corruption in Westminster is now at gargantuan levels.

Sunak and Hunt were shoehorned into place to not only destroy Britain’s economy but to create a digital ID for everyone that would control our every movement and what we buy. Sunak’s wife owns the company preparing it!

I see Henry Windsor has been whining again. My advice to him and Chuck Foulstone is If you dig yourself into a deep hole, stop digging!

Clive Phillips, Address Withheld

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