LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No compassion for vulnerable

I WOULD like to give some context to recent incidents in Rotherham town centre involving a woman having sex and latterly being aggressive and abusive near the fountains and Bridgegate this week.

This person is a relative of mine. She has suffered serious mental ill health since she was a teenager. She is now in her early 40s.

She has had both her daughters removed due to this. This has destroyed her, which in turn means she self medicates on alcohol and anything else anyone offers her.

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She is targeted on a daily basis by unscrupulous town centre criminals who either take her money or exploit her sexually. She is one of the most vulnerable people in our town at the moment.

She does have a support worker but her mental health team and social worker have left a lot to be desired over the past two years. The support worker is employed by a housing charity and really goes above and beyond and is amazing but it is too much to cope with for one person.

I would like the public to know how badly she is treated when she does go out, which often makes her behave in the ways reported.

It has been Mental Health Awareness Week and I don’t see much compassion in our town for the sufferers of this crippling, cruel illness.

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Please take a moment to consider a day in this person’s life and the torment she is under. Then, once you understand how she feels, I will take on board complaints from “Mr Outraged of Brecks” etc.

Not only is this woman suffering, but her whole family, including her children, are too.

I have been dealing with it, mostly alone, for 25 years. It takes its toll on everyone.

Mental health services in this town are woefully inadequate.

Please understand that and maybe have a little compassion in future before sending sanctimonious, self righteous letters and posting Facebook comments.

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