LETTER TO THE EDITOR: MP and the Labour party are trying to out-Tory the Tories

DAVE Platts as usual was spot on with his analysis on September 29.

John Healey, the shadow war minister, takes the Tory position and is just another apologist for NATO. In Ukraine we need to get rid of their Nazis and deploy diplomacy rather than supporting bombing, armageddon and energy cuts etc

Swap Healey’s words Putin and Russia with Israel and Ukraine with Palestine and then read his reply. We can then see how hypocritical these MPs are.

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However, what do we expect? Healey voted for Blair’s illegal wars. So he has form and poor judgement. He should instead go on the frontline and see the reality.

Healey also voted for privatisation of our NHS services; welfare cuts and kicking the universal education ladder away by clobbering our kids with tuition and top up fees.

Starmer is an imposter and a charlatan under the control of big business, the Bilderberg mob and trilateral commission. He made ten pledges including on public ownership to con the party’s own members. He reneged on them all before the ink was dry. The public could never trust him.

The party, as under Blair, is reliant on billionaires like Trevor Chinn, hedge fund firms, arms dealers and the same ilk bankrolling the Tories for favours and tax cuts.

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Starmer promised to “work shoulder to shoulder with trade unions to stand up for working people”, but he sacked minister Sam Tarry for showing solidarity to rail workers and also sacked Rebecca Long-Bailey from her post as shadow secretary of state for education, allegedly after she listened to teaching unions and challenged his position on the early reopening of schools during the coronavirus pandemic. He sided with the Tories again instead of our teachers.

The percentage of BAME staff employed by Labour has declined under his leadership and his team is overwhelmingly made up of white men.

The covered up Forde Report  showed that the Labour Party is racist to the core and that blacks and muslims can be treated appallingly.

Forensic, effective opposition to the Tories in Parliament has at the best of times been weak. Often it can be accurately described as non-existent, preferring to support Boris Johnson’s catastrophic handling of the coronavirus crisis, even pushing early for an “exit strategy” and a premature reopening of schools.

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Labour’s shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves is infamous for her statements under Ed Miliband that Labour was not the party to represent people who were out of work and would be tougher on benefit claimants than the Tories.

It would be hard to go much lower, but Reeves has done her best — saying only earlier this year that the exodus of hundreds of thousands of members from the Labour party was a good thing for Labour’s near-bankruptcy.

Reeves is back to trying to out-Tory the Tories. Having horrified many with her comments about benefit claimants she told the Sunday Times, a Murdoch publication of course, that Labour is not interested in even discussing renationalising energy companies.

Voters love the idea of renationalising key industries — more than half want it, well over half in many cases, and the idea is even popular among the Tory voters Starmer’s Labour supposedly wants to win over.

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Labour is laughing as the disaster of privatisation burns national wealth and assets — and of course gobbles up our NHS while being studiously ignored by Labour and the media.

With tens of energy companies going bust last year, Reeves laughed at the idea of renationalising the corporations that are now busy gouging struggling people.

But if none of those statements manage to limbo under the moral standard of her comments about benefits, she seems to have managed it by telling Sky News that the Tories hadn’t deported enough people fast enough: finger on the pulse as ever.

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