LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More than buildings needed to stop rot in Rotherham town centre

IT is unfortunate that Rotherham is in the headlines again for all the wrong reasons following the sexual act in front of the church.

But as I read the rest of the Advertiser, a number of articles illustrate that those with authority and influence are failing Rotherham, be it the Youth Offenders Team changing its name in the hope of improvement rather than new strategy or Change, Grow, Live Rotherham failing government inspection.

Reverting to the headline, are the Police and Crime Commission and RMBC directing resources to Rotherham town centre?

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Where were the police during the sexual incident? How many were or should be patrolling the town centre on a daily basis?

How closely were CCTV cameras being monitored?

Had action been taken when it was seen or was it considered acceptable?

Does Rotherham feel an inviting and safe place to visit?

Despite the special measures the council were under a few years ago, there appears to be little improvement for the people and businesses of Rotherham town centre.

It is a place of regular anti-social behaviour whether through alcohol, drugs or mental health.

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I urge the PCC and RMBC to walk around the town day and night, see what is really happening on the streets.

There is room for vast improvement that will not come about just because there is building investment.

You have to be more proactive than that....you have to stop the rot.

Pat Collins

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