LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Millers’ predicament not manager’s fault

PAUL Warne left the Millers with a poor squad. He was good in League One but didn’t have the tactical know-how for the Championship and played in a style that wasn’t good enough.

He also knew the investment wasn’t forthcoming from Tony Stewart to keep the club up. Hence him leaving and the poor squad, with no real strikers, that we now have.

The truth is that Taylor must either keep them up and then be afforded the means to buy players to change the style or be allowed a relegation and to build again with players capable of playing modern flowing football.

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A lot of fans have got the knives out for Matt Taylor, but many are rightly laying the blame for the current form at the doors of Paul Warne, Tony Stewart and the current players, many of who are simply not good enough to play in the way the new manager wants them to. After all, they have been coached in whacking the ball up to a big striker and hoping for the best for the past six years. They know no other way.

Unfortunately for Mr Taylor, the ones who are capable of playing a quick passing game, the sort that would enable Championship survival, don’t want to be here (Barlaser, Ogbene) or are injured and possibly don’t want to be here either (Wiles).

It leaves the club and Matt Taylor in a state of limbo, but he must be given at least a couple of transfer windows to put this right, which means off-loading mis-firing strikers and defenders who are too old and not comfortable on the ball, and bringing in players that suit his style.

I know it was in a lower league, but he had considerable success at Exeter City with the policy he and his backroom staff employed and I would imagine that was what attracted the board to appoint him.

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I would imagine too that in any interview he had he would have pointed out the shortcomings of the squad and told those in the room about his ideas for the way he wanted the Millers to play.

It’s not always the manager’s fault and if I was pointing any gun it would not be in the direction of Matt Taylor.

D Brown, a Rotherham Miller, even though I prefer watching the Titans