LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Merry Christmas in spite of the bad news

I’D like to wish you and your staff a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and to thank you for producing a great newspaper week after week and never brown nosing the local council unlike a certain newspaper published about seven miles from here!

I’d love to fill this letter with good news, but sadly, there is none. There are riots in China because a tower block that was sealed because the occupants had Covid caught fire and everyone inside died; Hunt openly admires how China rules! Holland and Canada are descending into dictatorship, Hunt sent more millions into Ukraine while Zelenskyy’s wife spent £40,000 on a shopping trip to Paris, thousands are still pouring in each day to be housed in hotels while people here go hungry and cold. NASA has patented an artificial sun; now why would they need that? WEF is again demanding all private car ownership be stopped; houses and land will follow!

All readers still not awake must read “The great reset” by Schwab; 2025 will make 2022 look like a huge party!

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Oxford is building barricades to stop people travelling freely within the city under the lie of climate change; other cities will follow even though yet more real evidence surfaces almost daily that there never has been any problem with the world’s climates, so seeing as all correspondents are limited to 600 words I’ve done Charlie Foulstone’s letter for next week. ”I’m sorry. I’ve unknowingly been promoting a scam but now I see it was all a lie invented to control us.” See, just 21 words!

Schools have advised parents that if the cold weather continues they should wear two pairs of pyjamas when collecting children and it’s that time of the year when on Christmas morning husbands will hand over gifts with those wonderful words “It’s OK, I’ve kept the receipt!”

Let’s not forget though that Christmas will be a good time for Sunak and Hunt to bury bad news.

The most disturbing news this week is that the globalists who control all the mainstream parties here from the Tories down to the Greens have launched a website, humanmeatproject.com that encourages cannibalism; no sheeple, it’s there for you to check between episodes of “Corrie!”

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The apathy in what’s left of the supposedly free world is summed up by my American friend: “Put a frog into a pan of cold water and very slowly turn up the heat. The frog will stay there until it’s boiled alive;” substitute Frog for Sheeple!

However, I wish a Merry Christmas to all your readers and rest assured those of us awake who care about our grandchildren’s future will keep fighting in 2023 because we’d rather die standing than live on our knees!

Clive Phillips, Address Withheld again but I’m south of the North Pole!