LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Labour’s deafening silence continues

THE letters by Dave Platts and Allen Cowles last week were so accurate.

I note that following the latest local and national attention on Rotherham for CSE there is still a deafening silence from the Rotherham Labour group. They have continued to circle the wagons from their bunker.

They have no shame and have ground our town into the dirt.

They continue to bring the Labour Party into disrepute.

The councillors continue to back each other to the hilt — while over 1,400 victims try to get on with their lives.

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There are 12 councillors that were condemned in the damming Jay and Casey reports. There are still six councillors that attended the 2005 CSE seminar.  

Emma Hoddinott and Dominic Beck, who were on the cabinet and had to resign in disgrace, are still there.

Council leader Chris Read has failed to take action by sacking them.

They all deserve to be rememberered for their ignominy and toxic misconduct.

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It is not just failure in their public duty to safeguard and protect children, but their constant dishonesty and cover-ups.

Why is the Labour leader hand-wringing Sir Starmer? So much for his past empty pledges on CSE and grooming? He continues to take no action.

Local MPs Sarah Champion and John Healey continue with their deafening silence. They backed the disgraced Shaun Wright, despite presiding over children’s services. They both continue to support to the rafters all of the above councillors involved in the cover-up. It speaks volumes.

It is obvious that party loyalty and cronyism mean more to these politicians than the values of transparency, openness, accountability, integrity and justice.

It’s clear they are not going to clean their cesspit out. If not, voters should be reminded and turf them all out.                            

Disgusted Rotherham Resident

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