LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Labour are just Tory reserves

WE hear warm words being bleated daily from the two main parties on the cost of living crisis.

However, they both saddled our students with crippling tuition fees, the poor and vulnerable with welfare cuts, allowed zero hour contracts and precarious employment on their watch, and are both against public ownership of our rip-off utilities to benefit the chosen few.

However, both Labour and Conservatives failed to back West Derby MP Ian Byrne’s national right-to-food campaign, which will result in more and more people needing to use foodbanks and facing health issues.

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After the disgrace of abstaining on the Tories’ punitive welfare cap a few weeks ago, this week Starmer and his Labour MP cronies again abstained in the Commons during the vote on pensions and benefit cuts — including local MPs. That will no doubt be omitted from their leaflets!

They stood by offering no opposition and watched the Tories make the poorest even poorer. Utterly shameful.

Hardly sitting on the fence. Starmer and Reeves agree with the economic policies of the Tory party.

They are a poor excuse for an opposition. This lot have sold working people out.

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The public don’t get to abstain from pension and benefit cuts. They rightly don’t see how MPs can say they represent their constituents by doing so and then feathering their own nest eggs!

It’s intended to send a clear message to the establishment including billionaire newspaper owners and the rest of the media that Starmer's Labour will never be a threat to their wealth, power and control. That it’s safe to elect him when Boris Johnson finally collapses the Tories.

We expect it from the Tories, but under Starmer and Reeves, Labour have turned their backs on the poor, vulnerable and working class. They are quite comfortable to behave as the Tory second team.

Wat Tyler, Rotherham

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