LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Just how far out of touch is MP?

EVEN by the standards set by the 2019 intake of the new-variant Conservative politician, comments by Alex Stafford relating to the Sue Gray report into lockdown parties at Downing Street are beyond the pale.

Responding to the Rotherham Advertiser regarding the report, he commented “Yet, most constituents that I talk to now are fed up with the small-minded, petty sanctimonious attacks for party political advantage”.

To those families bereaved of a loved one during the Covid lockdowns, his comments were hurtful in the extreme.

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It may well come as a surprise to Mr Stafford to find that a majority of individuals are not wedded to any political party and will offer their honest and forthright opinions based on their lived experience.

The report by Ms Gray laid bare the total disregard for the rule of law, bereaved individuals are angry, they are upset, they have every right to be, they followed the rules and have the democratic right to voice a view of the failings of leadership by Boris Johnson and those in Downing Street whose behaviour was unacceptable.

While the Prime Minister did what he liked, local families obeyed the law, they accepted they couldn’t visit family members in Rotherham Hospital, stuck to the rules for a funeral, and followed the rules covering family gatherings following a funeral.

Dismissing any comment critical of the Covid lawbreakers as being “politically driven”, “petty” and “sanctimonious” smacks of a London-based politician so out of touch that he doesn’t appreciate the pain his comments have made to so many families mourning the loss of a relative or friend.

If Mr Stafford spent more time on his patch, he would know that northerners abide by the law, tell the truth and look out for each other, unlike Prime Minister Johnson.

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