LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It’s safer and easier to shop online

I CAN answer Mr D Brown as to why people shop online. If you are my sort of age with a disabled wife and a dog you are responsible for, you do not want to catch anything.

The negatives are you need to be in, but that’s OK. And sometimes the dates on the food are too near their time.

The positives are I get at least 90 per cent of what I ordered delivered to my door. I have saved time and fuel and the drivers are usually helpful to the likes of me.

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With regard to the moans about TV. The letter is not a lot different to mine except he has only just decided that unfortunately normal TV is made up of oft repeated programmes all year and every year.

And if you are over 45, Britbox is not much good. It has the same repeats as the BBC and ITV and the old programmes I saw 40 years ago. Only a few new ones to try and tempt the unwary.

If I want a new streamer I will back Netflix.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley