LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It’s rugby all the way

I KNEW if I waited long enough I would win the argument.

Against my own better judgment, with Titans playing away, I crossed the invisible line I had painted and entered the New York Stadium last Saturday.

Rotherham were terrible against Shrewsbury, but that’s not the point. Millers fans directed abuse at their own team, Paul Warne and the referee before clearing off well before full-time — some with about 20 minutes to go, a few at half-time, which equates to about £10 worth of the match.

Even more abuse filled the various social media platforms. Meanwhile in rugby union, a man of the match winner gives his prize to a more deserving player in the winning opposition side. Football fans v rugby fans? Rugby all the way. I rest my case, Pete Wainwright, I rest my case.                               

D Brown, Rotherham