LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It’s beginning to look a lot like the 1970s

THERE cannot be anyone who voted leave who still believes they were not conned and, to coin a Clive Phillips’ phrase, like the sheeple they are believed the lies of the media and the politicians.

Equally, there cannot be anyone who voted Conservative who now believes they did the right thing. Again, sheeple conned by the likes of the Sun, Mail and the various TV political and news programmes.

Oddly, I suspect Clive may actually be a sheeple!

This country has gone down the tubes. Everyone is on strike, there are supply issues, people can’t afford to heat their homes, many will struggle to have the Christmas they were hoping for — and all this is before NHS staff go on strike.

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All it needs now is the bin men to down tools and there will be piles of rubbish lining the streets. A rat’s paradise, just like it was in the 1970s.

The trouble is, the opposition isn’t looking too clever with Starmer (I’m not calling him Sir) trying to out Tory the Tories.

What do you do? Not vote?

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