LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Indoctrination rather than democracy

I USED to think that Comrade Foulstone was just indoctrinated but no, he believes that once Schwab has his “great reset” he and his pals will get special treatment.

Sorry comrade but you’ll be considered “useless eaters” along with the rest of us. The Green Party’s unemployable pals Extinction Rebellion are touring the country to spread the lies using a fleet of diesel buses which shows their hypocrisy.

Five broke into (no were escorted into) the Houses of Parliament and glued themselves to the Speaker’s chair. Where were plod?

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The eco idiots held up placards “let the people decide”; well, they did at the last general election. The Green Party has one MP.

They have a new bunch, “Animal Rebellion”, who poured milk over the floor at Harrods and are threatening to blockade milk distribution depots to stop us from using dairy.

At a time when people will be struggling to feed their families they want to hurt them even more. They’re not interested in democracy, just their warped ideology most likely indoctrinated into them in education.

I reckon it’s time to bring back the stocks.

More bad news for the Comrade, even NASA has released documents confirming that the earth is no hotter than eight years ago and that we need more CO2!

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As to Comrade Platts, he does a good rant but he also misses the point.

Unions should not be striking to stop people getting to work when they’re already struggling financially. Capitalism works but what’s happening in the world now is not capitalism, it’s communism/socialism (I’ve never seen any difference)!

Schwab has stated that by 2035 we will own nothing; why?

Well, once you have more money than you could spend in 100 lifetimes all that’s left is power and grinding the rest of us into the dirt.

In Italy people are queuing for hours for a loaf of bread and some milk but riots have begun. Who’d have thought that the Italians would have more spine than the British?

However, two questions for your readers;

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1) I see people using their ‘phones at right angles to their faces so that anyone within five yards can hear both sides of the conversation. Is this because no one has shown them how to use one or is it the latest from the sausage-lipped vacuous bimbos on ITVBe?

2) Why are people still wearing masks even when alone in a car?

On that score, the government is announcing the latest dose. Even doctors are telling their patients to not have any more.

Clive Phillips, Address Withheld