LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Incompetence, negligence and poor judgement

I NOTE the many letters over many weeks regarding Rotherham councillors and the child sexual exploitation of Rotherham children.

These are ongoing issues surrounding those councillors who continue to pollute their office. They have not had the decency to resign.

MPs have now come under closer scrutiny due to their silence.

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I understand local MPs have regular liaison meetings with the police, council officials and the councillors who attended the 2005 CSE seminar.

If the MPs were not properly informed of the abuse, why did they not ask them probing questions to find the industrial scale of the grooming etc? Either way, at best, it should be treated as incompetence, negligence and poor judgement.

I note that the longest serving local MP throughout the CSE, John Healey, is, on social media and in this paper, always seen with them in the community.

From records, John Healey cruelly shoved the longest serving Labour NEC member, the respected Dennis Skinner, out of the way in 2014. Healey stood and was instead elected by many Labour MPs to oust Skinner.

The timing was interesting.

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The NEC at the time was examining the role of Rotherham councillors involved in the CSE, cover-ups and bullying culture that had been exposed by the Jay and Casey reports.

What role did John Healey have in the NEC inquiries?

Did Healey declare his conflicts of interest?

Did Healey exert his influence over fellow MPs and NEC members looking into the matter?

It is very strange that so many of the councillors from his own constituency survived and were not expelled.

As letters point out — they are still there.          

DA, Justice for CSE victims