LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hypocrisy of local Labour

ARTICLE (July 28) – Heatwave havoc showed fire service needs investment: sad to read but true and, in my opinion it is Labour’s fault that the fire service in Rotherham finds itself in such a dire state when disaster happens.

It was during the last council that the second appliance and the staff to man it effectively were cancelled on the advice by the member representing RMBC on the Fire Service committee. At the time, the then opposition were opposed to this cut and actively campaigned against the removal of the second appliance in the town, in support of the Fire Brigade union.

It was the Labour Party representative on the Fire Service Committee who swallowed every word uttered by the fire service management regarding the need for cuts, despite the fire service having ample reserves of cash to negate the need for any cuts.

It is the same Labour group that has the unflinching view that it alone knows what is best for this town and that has brought it to the state that it now finds itself.

It took no regard of the potential risks in reducing the provision of cover to either property or life. No doubt if asked they will suggest that such events are a one in one hundred years event, but they said that about the flooding.

It will not be surprising to hear or read senior councillors blaming the lack of investment on Tory cuts. Sheer hypocrisy, at the time there was ample funding available for investment. Those responsible for allowing the unwarranted cuts should be held responsible.

How likely is that to happen in this town or any other Labour-controlled council? CSE provides the benchmark for comparison purposes.

Recently in parliament a Labour member was seen and heard ranting at the Tories that they would have taken action against the Tory scandal had it occurred in the Labour party.

My immediate thought was that being the case why have you not taken action against the Labour-controlled councils in Telford, Oldham, Rochdale or Rotherham? Watch and listen to the following:


Thus in the spirit of openness and transparency that we are now expected to believe exists in Rotherham, let’s hear from Labour in support of the need for a real public enquiry into CSE.

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