LETTER TO THE EDITOR: History tells the truth about slavery

The Nigerian government is allowing or doing nothing while Nigerian Christians are being persecuted and murdered.

And on the BBC website a lady has admitted that her great grandfather sold slaves captured from other tribes in Nigeria.

Most older people who did history at school would have known this. And you do not have to be racist to say it.

Will Lewis Hamilton the great socialist champion go to Nigeria and spout BLM when the Nigerian government among other African nations does not give a hoot?

Will F1 not go to these countries? The Indonesians are not that good when it comes to black people and Christians persecuting and murdering Christians.

And even the BBC has run an article that most older people know about anyway that the tribes sold other captured tribesman to white slave traders.

You will not see this or hear about it at a BLM rally or in the Guardian or in a university forum.

The local Labour drips have now passed a motion on BLM.

Not wrong in itself but are they going to tell the governments of those countries killing black people themselves or pass a motion against them? Of course not.

As usual it’s the Momentum councillors who miss the point about BLM.

It’s selective and to hear a so-called intelligent person like Ms Albiston say it was needed because of Mr Napper. Why does she not want to know about Rwanda, Somalia and even worse Nigeria? And all the others. Does she close her eyes because it’s not in keeping with BLM? Does she not like the truth?

As for Beck, yes it’s a cop-out because all you wanted to do was keep your party faithful happy and look good. You do not look good when you are a hypocrite.

Will you lot send a representative to Rwanda and Nigeria and shake the hand of its leaders while they kill blacks? BLM, oh yeah.  

I grew up in North London, a place I would not go back to. There was a lot of immigrants and children of immigrants there. Mostly Jewish, like myself. Where there is a ghetto because that nation’s people flock there, there is always a certain amount of prejudice. I was lucky I only experienced a bit. And it’s people like the ones nattering in the newspaper who cause most of it.

In 21 years in Royal Mail letters in Harrow, Luton and Milton Keynes I experienced very little prejudice and I worked with plenty of people from India and Pakistan and Iraq and Iran, either immigrants or refugees. Amongst ourselves at work there were no problems. It’s the white do-gooders that cause half the trouble. The only trouble I had in the last 15 years was a white comedian from Newcastle doing a gig for British Gas at a night out who called me Einstein in front of all my colleagues.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley

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