LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Has debate in Labour Party been crushed?

IS John Healey, our local Labour MP and shadow defence secretary, really going to give his fawning support to the sending of British and American tanks to further escalate the war and the slaughter in Ukraine?

Does he not realise also the significance of the sending and celebrating too, of German Leopard tanks, to attack, presumably, Russian speaking people and his hopeful invasion of their territory?

Next week will mark the turning point of the Second World War (80 years), where the Russian forces, successfully and brutally halted in its tracks Hitler’s operation Barbarossa (with over 3,000 tanks) on the then Soviet Union, where all the might of Hitler’s military was called on (including all his air force, which had just developed the new advanced Messerschmitt, that had been so lethal during the latter stages of the London Blitz) — and halted too, the Nazi attack on Stalingrad, the bloodiest and most symbolic battle ever fought in history, with well over one and a half million Russians dead.

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And does he not also realise that what followed the above siege and the piling up of the Russian dead, was the greatest tank battle in history, as the T34 Russian tank, some crewed by women, flattened the most feared and most successful Nazi Panza divisions, which then led to the first surrender of a German Army battalion in WW2? A massive victory for the allies, and recognised (although reluctantly by the west) to have been the beginning of the end for Hitler’s dream of a fascist European empire.

We are, and always will be, indebted to the Russian people for the unbelievable sacrifice they endured (26 million dead) that played the major role in the defeat of fascism in our time!

Does he think, for one minute, that Putin will ever tolerate a jumped up fascist tribute act, who are murdering Russian-speaking people or invading Russian territory?

On another note, does he also think it appropriate to promise a British America Project (BAP) audience, assembled at the Wilson Institute in Washington, untold financial backing to a NATO budget (that is currently being led by Biden or Donald Trump) should “New Labour “win the next election in Britain, when his constituents in Dearne Valley, one of the poorest areas in Europe, are wrestling with the biggest attack on their family budgets ever seen? Due to this senseless war!

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Could he also assure his constituents that a further escalation in the unending US proxy war in Ukraine (which he supports) wouldn’t lead to WW3 and the end of civilisation?

Could he see fit to hold an open meeting in Rotherham, whereby his constituents could discuss his support for the slaughter, corruption, and the blatant Nazi involvement in the killing of Russian-speaking people (our allies in both WW1 and WW2 who lost, I repeat, 26 million of their people fighting the Nazis)?

He could also use the opportunity to discuss the alarming shift to the right of the Labour Party, who are unbelievably supporting this war, and the abandoning of socialist policies, which Keir Starmer gave his assurance would not happen when he stood for leadership of the party.

In organising such a meeting John, you could also dispel any suggestions that debate and democracy in our party (a Nazi trait in itself) have been crushed since Corbyn (who your constituency voted for in the last two elections) was ousted by the Parliamentary Labour Party MPs.                                      

Dave Platts, Clifton