LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Don’t look to Labour in Rother Valley vote

IN the next few weeks, Labour will be staging a facade to select their Rother Valley candidate for the next general election.

The choice will be manipulated and controlled by Starmer and co together with dutiful right wing Labour councillors trying to continue running Rotherham into the ground.

The “powers that be” will have already stitched up the shortlist with someone lined up for the seat and a decoy/spare they can rely on — then making sure the rest are weak paper candidates.

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The shortlist will be rigged and engineered to ensure their candidate secures the role. They will be another drone that can be controlled and to vote as they are instructed by Starmer and his zealots.

They will certainly not be a socialist with real Labour values and courage to stand up for the public.

In Rotherham we already have two parachuted MPs that prior to being selected were both based in London.

The former Rother Valley MP — who now lives near Lord Dev at Chatsworth — betrayed and ratted on the NUM; then sold out and betrayed our mining communities for 30 pieces of silver from Kinnock and Blair.

The Rotherham MP was imposed by Labour.

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She had only been a Labour member a few days rather than the mandatory two years plus. As we know, most members walked out of that phony selection.

All the above MPs have one thing in common. They are all controlled by the party machine not by the voters.

Hence voting for tuition fees, welfare cuts, disabled cuts, illegal wars etc

At the last general election, Rother Valley had a very capable and principled candidate in Sophie Wilson. She was the only candidate that was local. She was not helped by the right wing councillors and MPs who spat their dummies out and took their bat and ball home.

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Barron and Co had wanted a right wing candidate from Witney in Oxfordshire who lived round the corner from Tory David Cameron.

Sophie Wilson was local and very competent. She had to rely on ordinary member activists from the party, community, trade unions and the student movement as Barron and Co went AWOL.

Selections now face Labour corruption as experienced in Camberwell and Peckham, Liverpool’s West Derby seat, Wakefield, Ilford South and Poplar and Limehouse – and stitch-ups in less high-profile selection contests across the country – as the regime attempts to cement its party control at the expense of wide appeal, trust and credibility. Smug Starmer has allowed Tory defector and turncoat Wakeford not to face any selection and imposed the Tory. Plus they have rewarded him with a job as whip to keep MPs in line or risk the dirt.

Each fresh decision coming out of Labour HQ shows there is no understanding of democracy, let alone democratic socialism.

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The party’s lack of action is likewise part of a pattern, with complaints of rigging, voter fraud and impersonation, bullying and intimidation in several high profile selections, admitted by the party’s national management in at least one case but dismissed as irrelevant while the party installs favoured right-wingers under allegation of serious sexual assault or hate speech.

Rother Valley and our local community are likely to be the next victims of this insidious corruption.

Labour’s understanding is not even tenuous, it’s non-existent. Who do they expect to vote for this?

Look elsewhere – and good luck.

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