LETTER TO THE EDITOR: CSE report a complete waste of time

THE IOPC report is pointless (article June 23 — Report branded a tick box exercise).

I am referring to the IOPC report into South Yorkshire Police mishandling of CSE covered by the earlier Jay Report.

Once again Rotherham is the focus of shame. The report fails to identify anyone responsible while suggesting the young people involved were problems and not victims.

Yet the law is clear, these young people were underage and therefore unable to give consent to sex.

I find this ironic at the present time when an ex-Tory MP has been found guilty of child abuse and in the US a British citizen is about to be sentenced for up to 30 years in jail for child abuse. And all the while the police arrogate themselves as the body responsible for upholding the law!

As far as the report itself is concerned, it should be placed in a circular file beneath the desk, no need to keep a copy along with the others collecting dust on the shelf. It brings nothing new to the table.

Neither is there any consolation in the weasel, meaningless and worthless words from officialdom that we read. It is action that is required not words that are necessary to bring about accountability.

In that respect I find the comments from the PCC particularly hollow, as I was under the impression that one of his functions was to hold the police to account.

However, he seems to disagree and continues to hide behind his cloak of invisibility. Remind me, what does he do, what tangible purpose does he serve? Not the people of this town for sure.

Finally, I find the statement from Ms Champion the most bewildering — “it has taken eight long years, but the truth is now out for all to see.” What does she mean, what truth is now out, what should we all see? Only that precisely no one is accountable and nothing has changed and no one does anything or lifts a finger to change that fact.

Thus the stigma remains and will continue until someone is held to account.

I trust residents will at last remember this the next time they are asked to go to the ballot box.

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