LETTER TO THE EDITOR: CSE has never been properly investigated in Rotherham

WITH regard to the infamous CSE that overshadows our town and local communities.

Mr C Vines was on the money when he rightly stated last week that local MPs, police, councillors and council officials have never been properly investigated or held accountable for their actions or omissions to safeguard young children from their horrific abuse.

The above have been too busy protecting each others’ backs — otherwise the house of cards will collapse.

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The Labour Party both locally and nationally have refused to remove Rotherham Cabinet and councillors from standing and re-standing. At least six still remain in office as councillors.

The councillors were well informed and too well aware of what was going on. I believe they chose to keep it covered up. They failed in their duty of candour and duty of care to the vulnerable and local families.

They have probably got a conscience bypass? It’s obvious, some know where the bodies are buried that may reflect on others above them, so escaped the chop.

Let’s not forget when it was first exposed they tried to keep the lid on things and oppose investigations or inquiries.

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There were also former Cabinet members like Home Secretaries who helped to keep it covered up.

The establishment have had no qualms but to keep the lid on things — including politicians, ministers, church, BBC, judiciary, who are also covering up to protect their own reputations and escape accountability relating to grooming, wrongdoing and paedophilia within their own organisations.

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