LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Council are supporting tip re-opening

IT has been revealed that the council are to negotiate a deal between M.H.H. and Millmoor Juniors about separate access times when using the access road to Droppingwell (Watson’s) tip.

The obvious question is, when did it become part of the council’s remit to enter into such negotiations and why?

Here, I believe is the proof of them facilitating and supporting the reopening of Watson’s tip.

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Key officers have been invited to visit the site because in doing so they will gain an understanding of the objections raised about the legal use of this access — they have refused.

They prefer to ignore the 1958 Permit conditions for the site, instead preferring to put their own interpretations to the wording of it.

The council have always stated that they are opposed to the planned tipping going ahead. So maybe they would like to explain this latest development to the residents of Kimberworth and beyond.

Regarding the council’s own legal challenge against this — will they kindly answer the really simple question that I have put in writing to them at least four times since early May, which is are you taking legal action to stop this going ahead, yes or no?

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I’m sure your readers will agree that this question is simple enough. They have replied to the other points raised in my letters but not this one, instead they seem to be side-stepping my question altogether.

I’m sure that the residents of Kimberworth and the wider community are starting to wonder just what the council’s commitment is.

Steve Mckenna, chairman Droppingwell Action Group

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