LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Corrupt Labour fails to stand up for humanity

AS Epstein’s close friend Prince Andy has been demoted by the Royal Family, Epstein’s other mate the toxic Peter Mandelson may have arranged for Andy’s ceremonial military uniforms to now be used by Sir Starmer and his willing war minister to strut around in.

They are busy rigging selections for MPs to ensure they have no socialist values.

The selection committee chair, secretary and member resigned over Labour’s election in Camberwell and Peckham.

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They said: “We are paying subscriptions to a party that takes our money and then cheats and lies to deny us democracy” — corruption, lies and a mass data breach is ignored by the Labour party.

I note the Labour right’s latest attempts to remove yet another principled MP in Liverpool’s Ian Byrne have been marked by accusations of rigging of votes by Labour that even the party official appointed to oversee it refused to sign off the so-called “result”.

Rather than act on the concerns he raised, the party simply removed him and appointed its London regional office — at the heart of multiple rigging allegations — to control the process instead.

Their determination to replace him with a compliant right-wing drone has seen the local councillor and failed mayoral hopeful Anthony Lavelle on the longlist, despite unanswered allegations against him by a young local disabled woman.

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This is the ilk of the people that Labour are promoting under Starmer and Co.

They also do not stand up for humanity or the brutality of Israel war crimes against the people of Palestine.

The popular Ian Byrne was named MP of the Year by the Patchwork Foundation — hardly known for its praise of leftwingers — for his ceaseless efforts to feed the hungry, fight poverty and make adequate food a human right.

As a vocal critic of Keir Starmer, Hillsborough survivor Byrne has said publicly that Starmer is unfit to be party leader for his decision to write for the hated Murdoch S*n and promote others who do — the regime is determined to be rid of him. That determination is yet another show of contempt by Starmer toward the people of Liverpool, on whom he has long waged war for their enthusiastic refusal to his line.

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What Keir Starmer has managed to reduce Labour to in less than three years beggars belief.

But Starmer has the financial backing of the establishment, many MPs who would be at home in the Tory Party, the full support of Zionists and a silent and compliant media covering up for him so maybe it’s not so unbelievable after all.

Labour under Starmer are not trusted.

Not surprising really when even his anti-Semitism scam and the witch-hunt have been noticed.

What will really hurt will be the consistant rumours of a near bankrupt Labour party and the millions that have disappeared along with hundreds of thousands of members and voters who have no faith in Labour or its smug leader.

Starmer is devoid of any charisma and is boring.

Watching paint dry is much more fun!

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