LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Clamp down on those who fiddle the system

HOW depressing and concerning it is to read once again about allegations of misdoing regarding finances by people in supposedly high positions in public life.

Allegations made by so-called experts who are respected in high places, who should be listened to.

Too many of these issues are coming to light more and more and things have to change.

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Start at the top and work right down to the bottom in order to root out the festering greed which is a blight on all of us.

In these times of hardship being suffered by all of us, examples have to be made of someone, be they an individual or organisation — it has to stop. Restrictions placed on council spending around the country leads to cutting corners or fiddling budgets.

I have no doubt that local councils do have fingers in certain pies and, when the opportunity arises, they will take more than is due by giving favours to contractors and other such organisations they deal with; that is the way of life, wrong as it is.

There must be some misdirecting of monies from one purse to an unauthorised one.

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Individuals also commit fraud, fiddling or theft in every town and city in the country. Stealing from public funds is onerous, leading to people in real need having to go without.

We are more greedy each and every year and everyone wants what everybody else has got. Politicians of all persuasions are or have been guilty of fiddling for many years, it is no wonder that society is following them. Greed is the only reason, they all do it.

Benefit cheats are as bad as millionaires so all should be classed as the same although there is some sympathy for benefit fraudsters, who, in the main, are at their wits’ end of how to get by. But millionaires don’t deserve any sympathy.

It is easy to make allegations but much harder to prove. We must stop all fiddling, whatever its value, especially from the public purse.                                              

Terry Canadine


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