LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bus problem is needless

IN October this year the bus company decided to change some local routes.

One route they took off was the 220 from Wath through Mexborough and then to Denaby. Now there is no direct service to these places and you have to use 22x from Wath to Manvers and hope for a connection, but even then it does not go through Mexborough.

I can get directly from Wath to Cortonwood, Wombwell, Stairfoot and Barnsley but not going to Mexborough, Conisbrough, Denaby or Doncaster.

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I was told services were taken off because of a shortage of drivers and buses but yet there are 54 22x buses every day from Wath to Manvers plus 226 and 218, but nothing at all to Mexborough from Wath.

There are so many 22x buses that many times you get two travelling nose to tail. That in itself tells its own story.

There is Tesco, Asda and the Wednesday market in Wath that many people like to use but we have no direct service available.

Surely it is not beyond the powers that be to reschedule their inadequate service and be of more service to local people.

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I have tried to phone the bus company but it rings once then cuts off. Maybe this may encourage others to highlight the problem the company has created needlessly.                                                                                   

Hugh Dobson, Avenue Road, Wath-upon-Dearne