LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Being envious of others does you no good at all

I HAVE recently been struck by letters by correspondents relating to pay rises given to civil servants and MPs; so what?

Personally it doesn’t bother me whatsoever how much someone else gets monthly as it is no good to me, my only concern is my own finances. My days of working and earning have come and gone, leaving my wife and I to live on our state pensions in addition to my private one.

We live in our own flat and manage to pay our way paying our dues to all concerned without the fear of anyone coming knocking at our door chasing debt.

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We led busy lives in various ways, caring for a relative and socialising with friends by taking meals with them and attending dances and games of bowls. We also get pleasure from walking as exercise and visiting different towns not too far away. All of this is from our own pockets and budgeted throughout the month — for goodness sake people, get on with your own lives, live on what you get each month, don’t be envious of other people’s wealth. Where will that get you? Nowhere pleasant. It does me no good at all thinking of a more wealthier friend and the life they lead as they will not be giving me any of their wealth to make my life better.

My life is as good and as happy as I can be, I don’t worry about anything that I can do nothing about, not worth the time spending on it. I have never anchored after loads of money throughout my life. I had a lack of ambition I agree, but so what?

I have and am, enjoying my life as a consequence, we are comfortable and do the majority of things that other families do, we do not have the need to save for anything at our time of life, so we are spending what we get and are truly happy and satisfied. Life is wonderful, we have worked for what we have and now are sitting back. Please don’t look at others with envy; how do you know how happy they are?

I am aware that hardship is rife locally and do feel genuinely sorry for those who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances but I am powerless to help. I have done the best for my family and myself and by the grace of God, I find myself where I am now.

Terry Canadine

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