LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Be kind all year - many are struggling

MAY I start this submission by wishing each and every one of your staff, contributors and readers a very merry and safe Christmas.

There are many types of people in society, good and bad characters, selfish and generous ones; wherever we are we will be aware of them in our midst.

Some voice opinions we don’t agree with but who is to say we are right and they are wrong without proof, which has the ultimate answer? We should all show kindness and consideration to all, not only at this time of year but all year round; how much better would life be if we could all make the effort and it is an effort, it doesn’t come easy, to do so?

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What has prompted me to write this week is that I have heard more people doubting the genuineness of people and families attending the foodbanks, not only in Rotherham but nationally.

As a family we are fortunate enough to be able to sustain ourselves, our extended family are also in a similar place so, you can say “lucky you” as many readers may well do.

We have all been employed up until retirement, some are still of a working age though and are finding it difficult but not as difficult as the unfortunates.

I and small groups I am a member of have donated a quantity of food items recently as we truly believe we have to provide to others. I believe, but do not know exactly, how people are allowed to attend a foodbank to receive a parcel or two or three, and receive acceptance into the scheme.

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To dispel the myths and people’s doubts, would it be possible for the full process from first application to permission to collect food parcels to be fully explained in your weekly publication as I feel it would be very helpful to many readers who are not aware, yet voice derogatory remarks, about attendees?

Here’s hoping I never have to attend a foodbank in the same circumstances as those doing so now.

Life is hard out there as many more of us are about to find out in the next few months — will they be the next customers?

Terry Canadine,


Editor: This information is contained on the Rotherham Foodbank website at https://rotherham.foodbank.org.uk/

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The Foodbank operates by referral only so you do need to have a foodbank voucher before going in. If you are unsure of who to call email [email protected] or [email protected]

If you have a key worker or support worker they can also issue vouchers if they call directly.

Local agency contacts: Housing: 01709 336009, CGL/Substance Misuse: 01709 917649, British Red Cross: 0300 456 1914, Asylum Seekers: 07799485588, Citizen’s Advice: 03444 111 444, RMBC Benefits support: 01709 255526.


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