LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Banks go unused

I SAW a news headline “Shock ‘Death’ of High Street Banks by 2027”, and I thought “no way”.

But it made me think, when was the last time I actually went into a bank, other than to use the cash card, and I couldn’t remember when?

Considering both private and business banking, it must be years since I actually went into a bank to discuss something with the staff.

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All my banking needs are met online, compete with printing off statements and balancing accounts.

As for apps, they are too fiddly and seldom work on a mobile phone, but even then, if there is a problem, I usually ring the bank,and speak to someone who is probably working from home anyway.

It would seem that High Street Bank branches are going the way of the public phone box, a piece of the past we no longer use anymore.

Andrew Redding, Sheffield

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