LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Avoiding modern phone problems and Tories fall

HAVE you noticed the elaborate and sometimes stupid lengths the banks etc are going to cover themselves?

Even supermarkets are insisting on a code on a mobile to go on screen.

It still does not occur to them, or they do not care that not all oldies have a mobile or the one they have is not internet capable?

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I now have what amounts to FA on two accounts. I also have card readers which are easier.

On Wednesday it took me ten minutes to get in and do one transaction. With some I have to wait for an auto phone call. In some they wish to send a code to my mobile that I do not even have on.

And if I have no signal? Forget it.

As far as supermarkets go if I have too much aggro placing an order I go elsewhere.

I do not use apps. I do not care if they are supposed to be safer.

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I only do anything monetary on my desktop. It has a much better screen, is more comfortable and easier and safer.

I rarely get an on the fly call on a mobile because it is only on when I need it to be on. So no phone scams.

My phone at home is a blocker of all international calls. You cannot legislate for withheld or fake numbers but they go straight to block by me except for announced calls.

As a man who has lived nearby in several places it was obvious that Wakefield would go back to red. It was just a rebuff to the Corbynistas at that time.

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Half of the South Coast towards Devon from Hampshire is Lib Dem in nature.

The non-vulgar hunting set and nymbys all reside down that way along with those who could not bear to vote for Labour but are unhappy with the Tories.

I think Wakefield will stay that way but if Boris turns things around if he is still there, Honiton will turn back at the general election.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley