LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Are we funding and arming a Frankenstein’s Monster?

THE scrapping of tariffs of up to 25 per cent on British and European steel exports to the USA is to be welcomed, and will hopefully benefit the future of our local Parkgate and Stocksbridge steelworks.

It seems strange to me, that after the shadow defence secretary — our own John Healey — came back from the States empty-handed when he attempted to get these tariffs lifted a few months ago, that Biden should relent, change his mind on the “America first” doctrine, and suddenly scrap them!

Only last week, whilst being interviewed by the press, Biden seemed very keen to ensure that all his European lackeys were enforcing all the US sanctions imposed on Russia, and was talking in terms of acts of retribution that will be taken should any country break them. He was planning a meeting with all European leaders to discuss the issue. So it is quite clear who is pulling the strings and how much of a say Britain has on these crucial issues. Inflated prices for energy and food will hit the roof and send many households into a tail spin.

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As more and more evidence of the Nazi and fascist make up of the Ukrainian government and military contingents breaks, the whole situation is being seen under a different light by many. Apart from attacks on the LGBT community in Ukraine — a gay pride demo was attacked recently — and reported pogroms against the Romany gypsies, evidence has also been uncovered of a chemical and biological warfare complex just short of the Russian border which has also shown a clearer picture of the situation and the murderous intent of these right wing psychopaths.

Although this find has been strenuously denied by Zelensky and the western media, in an interview recorded on social media, Victoria Nuland, the US under secretary of state for political affairs (famous for saying f*** the EU whilst choosing the Ukrainian leadership the US wanted some years ago) actually confirmed that the US had been funding such a project. Emails found on Hunter Biden’s discarded laptop also show that the US has funded military bio-tech installations in Ukraine too.

Are we funding and arming another Frankenstein’s monster that could get out of control in one of the world’s most volatile areas?

The western propaganda machine is still pouring out anti-Putin hatred, just as much as the Russian propaganda machine is pouring out anti-Zelensky hatred. But through the fog of it all, it is becoming apparent there is more to this episode than meets the eye.

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A Jeremy Corbyn appraisal of the situation in Ukraine from eight years ago is doing the rounds on social media; his insight was quite astonishing, and his warnings even more so. Google it!

It is a pity we haven’t got a statesman of his calibre sorting out this impending catastrophe.                                 

Dave Platts, Clifton

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