LETTER TO THE EDITOR: All patriots now labelled far right

ANOTHER very sad front page (“Our hearts have been torn out all over again”) but yet again is anyone surprised? The miscreants will come from the usual background no doubt and will be known to the police, but the pond life were “‘avin’ a laff!”

Your correspondent Dylan Robertson makes some good points. I doubt though that the Russians will be kicked out of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin when asked why he’d invaded said: “The war began in 2014 when the elected government was forced out by the WEF to be replaced by their puppet.”

This is a proxy war as has been said many times and could have ended long ago but the likes of WEF haven’t forced us to pay for enough arms yet. Many of those arms are ending up with African terrorists and are often found on the black market with many going to Russia. Meanwhile the Nazi Zelenskyy’s pockets are bulging! Yes, I know he’s Jewish but so is Soros who admits handing his own people over to the Gestapo! Hungary has vetoed any more EUSSR tax payers’ money going there and it’s not a few protesters in Germany that are fighting back. Mass demonstrations are happening regularly but of course the Cabal controlled MSM never report them.

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Last week 11 patriots were arrested for planning a coup. Obviously they were described as “far right” but that’s the label applied to all patriots these days.

I see Charlie Foulstone’s still banging his drum. Well, here are some of those awful facts again. 0.4 per cent of the Earth’s atmosphere is made up of CO2; a gas that cannot heat anything. Only three per cent of that 0.4 per cent is produced by man. The UK only produces one per cent of the three per cent figure.

Therefore, the UK makes up just 0.000011 per cent of the atmosphere as CO2 which is a life giving gas. So please, stop all this net zero nonsense! Yes, I know, he’d have to find another drum to bang but he could make that one based on fact and something that would benefit the country instead of one aimed at impoverishing it! Maybe Chuck can explain that if CO2 is so bad, why do food producers have machines that create it?

Some sensible news though this week. A coal mine in Cumbria is to be opened. Across the world coal fired power stations are being built; over 400 at present, so why not in Britain? As I write, it’s snowing. Who'd have thought, snow in winter; is it that climate change then?

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This week in the House of Freeloaders, Sunak showed his true colours yet again when asked if considering that the vaccinations had killed and injured more people than any other jab in the past 100 years should they not be halted as they have been in many countries? Sunak smugly replied: “I listen to the science and they’re safe and effective!”

What he meant was they are safe and effective from an investing perspective!

Clive Phillips, Address Withheld