LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Aim anger at the party of poverty

IN response to Chris Jackson, Advertiser May 12.

After losing 500-plus councils, the true blue Tories have shown their disgust with Johnson and his ministers, meanwhile Chris Jackson and his followers remain in denial.

Not a word of compassion for the relatives and friends who could not attend funerals or comfort their dying relatives, whilst No 10 partied illegally.

No condemnation for the avoidable deaths caused by the transfer of infected patients to care homes and late lockdown arrangements.

No condemnation for PPE fraud and the money syphoned off to their friends in unregulated contract deals.

No condemnation of the £3.9 billion fraud caused by bounce back loans and furlough funds given out without appropriate checks.

No condemnation for Alex Stafford in supporting Owen Patterson and Johnson.

Instead of demonising the poor and the working poor who rely on foodbanks and benefits, why not aim your anger at the party who you support who holds the purse strings and have taken money away from our councils, cleverly shifting blame aided by the Daily Mail and the Sun?

You won’t find many asylum seekers in Surrey or Hampshire and other Tory shires, they have been deliberately sent northwards to de-stabilise our communities and to foster resentment adding to the right wing vote, rather than creating a fair population distribution in all areas.

It’s too late to champion coal with climate change but without Thatcher we could have enjoyed 30-plus more years of prosperity with coal and steel jobs in those areas now blighted with low pay, drug addiction, suicides and crime, not to mention nationally the 10,000 police officers removed by Theresa May, some of whom could have provided local policing to protect our streets.

Leo Hayhurst, Wath upon Dearne

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