LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A world gone mad!

THE good news is that Lord Teflon is finally behind bars. Sadly, five years equates to two, maybe three years before he’s free again. Had he one iota of integrity he would renounce his peerage; but no one hold your breath, eh?

The bad news is that yet more shops are leaving the town. This time Boots and Fultons are giving up the ghost. Soon there will be only Gregg’s and a few bookies. I suggested a few years ago that maybe the plan of RMBC was to empty the town centre of shops so that it could become one huge block of flats to accommodate the financial migrants being sent as part of the “grant” to accept as many, legal or otherwise, until the end of time; or the end of Britain!

Meanwhile, the crime bill being pushed through Parliament supported by 99 per cent of the freeloaders in HoC will ban all demonstrations with offenders having their citizenship and passports removed. It seems that leaders across the world have learned a lot from the likes of Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot but sadly the sheeple have learned nothing. Maybe the freeloaders and their counterparts should remember that all those tyrannical regimes crumbled when the people fought back.

In Canada, it’s now illegal to honk one’s car horn in support of the truckers, with a video of Canadian police dragging one elderly man from his car and beating him for daring to show support. Trudeau’s government is now threatening to take the trucker’s children into care!

None of this is even mentioned on TV news so the sheeple have no idea of what’s really happening. I saw a great poster, “BBC news, harmful if swallowed!”

When terrorists Antifa and BLM were burning down neighbourhoods the globalist governments did nothing but when truckers with bouncy castles hold a peaceful demonstration they declare a state of emergency!

The energy companies are making £80m per day so why are prices going through the roof in April and again in October? I’ve long believed that OFGEM was part of the problem and in place to support the suppliers and not the buyers and this bears that out.

Your “Green party member” is back to normal, spouting total nonsense. If we still had coal-fired power stations we’d be able to produce low cost electricity. Poland and Germany are building coal- fired power stations; hmmm….one wonders why? What about the hundreds of wind farms across the country, don’t they produce free electricity? No, of course, these things have to be turned off in high winds or they burn out. In fact they have to be regularly turned off. The fact is we have enough gas under our feet to supply the country.

As to the complaints by the LGBT business on the front page, why is there a charity in the first place? Ninety nine per cent of us don’t really care who you sleep with!

The madness though knows no bounds. At the rapidly devaluing Brit Awards, Adele won three prizes. In her speech she said “I love being a singer and I love being a woman.” Social media went crackers! It seems that only a bloke in a dress is allowed to say he’s proud to be a woman!

I see one brave correspondent wants photos etc to celebrate Eastwood but does a bumper cannabis harvest count?

I truly feel sorry for those in Eastwood who bought their houses many years ago and are now unable to sell them; unless it’s to a neighbour.

Who says crime doesn’t pay?

Clive Phillips, Address Withheld


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